Nikki Haley Urges Her Delegates to Vote for Donald Trump

Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina who was the last Republican to drop out of the primary race against former President Donald J. Trump, said on Tuesday that she was releasing her 97 delegates and urging them to support Mr. Trump.

“The nominating convention is a time for Republican unity,” Ms. Haley said in a statement. “Joe Biden is not competent to serve a second term, and Kamala Harris would be a disaster for America.”

She continued: “We need a president who will hold our enemies to account, secure our border, cut our debt and get our economy back on track. I encourage my delegates to support Donald Trump next week in Milwaukee.”

The decision, first reported by Politico, comes as the Republican Party is set to open its national convention on July 15 in Milwaukee. Ms. Haley, who served as United Nations ambassador under Mr. Trump, has said that she plans to vote for Mr. Trump in November, though their relationship soured toward the end of her campaign.

She drew notable percentages of independents, Republicans and moderate Democrats in primary contests even after she had rescinded her bid. Her convention delegates include 19 people from Washington, D.C., and nine from Vermont, the two places where she won primaries.

Asked whether she would attend her party’s convention, her spokeswoman, Chaney Denton, said she had not been invited to it.

“She was not invited, and she’s fine with that,” Ms. Denton said in a statement. “Trump deserves the convention he wants. She’s made it clear she’s voting for him and wishes him the best.”

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